Michaelbrent Collings Pens Dark Horror Future Tense

Future Tense: Tales of
Apocalyptic Vision
Michaelbrent Collings

Hey all I’m back with another book review from an author I’ve covered quite a few times before. It’s Future Tense by Michaelbrent Collings!

Now, looking at author, we should all know by now that Michaelbrent Collings is well known for his horror novels, which have received critical acclaim the world over. Future Tense follows that path, but also dives into some darker areas that are sometimes considered taboo.

Future Tense is a good book, as one would expect from such a talented author, but it’s not suitable for everyone. I will explain why, but know that this novella goes beyond a typical horror tale. Some may appreciate that, while others, like myself, will be turned away. That’s okay, not every book is good for every reader, and if you are looking for something dark to read, Future Tense is perfect to curl up with.

Plot: This book is a set short stories, plus a small novella. It’s generally all in the horror genre, something I’m not the biggest fan of to be honest, and it certainly starts off with a pretty dark short story. Frankly it nearly turned me off from reading the rest of them, but that is very much a me problem rather than any story issue as I personally had issues with the content.

To be as non spoilerific as possible, the first short story deals heavily with the topic of suicide. The rest of the stories are just as dark in tone for the most part so for those who want a lighter set of topics this book is certainly not going to be something you’ll want to read. The book’s summary explains the plot. It’s “A world where suicide is illegal – unless you agree to kill yourself over and over again.” So that should explain whether or not individual readers will enjoy this one.

Overall: This is a good set of short stories and novellas, but it’s not for those who can’t enjoy reading about some pretty heavy topics.

For those who like: Horror, Weighty Topics, Solid Writing.

Not for who don’t like: Any of the above.

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