Horror Done Right With Predators Novel

Michaelbrent Collings

Hey all I’m back with another review requested by me by the author. It’s Predator by Michaelbrent Collings!

Plot: The plot is pretty intense. Actually scratch that. It is extremely intense. This is very much a horror novel, something I tend to avoid because of personal reasons usually. However, given that Mr. Collings requested me to review this book personally, I gave it a good read. While I was not exactly satisfied, as like I said I don’t enjoy horror, I found it was a great title, if I take my personal issues out of the equation.

Those of you who enjoy horror stories will certainly love everything that Predators has to offer.

Characters: We have three main point of view characters, Gale, Evie and Grams. All three were wonderful characters to see the story from, and honestly the plot wouldn’t be the same if it was other characters, as these three were wonderfully well-written. All three are incredibly detailed, seem like real and believable people, and grow over the course of the story. I won’t spoil how, but I enjoyed them as main characters very much and they are better here than with many other books with female leads I’ve read recently.

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Overall: If horror and thrillers are your thing, you’ll love Predators. If it isn’t, you will probably want to steer clear of this book.

For those who like: Horror, Thrillers, Drama, Action, Contemporary Fiction, Intense Plots, Excellent Character Growth.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, particularly the horror part.

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