Demon Accords Series Heats Up in Winterfall Novel

Winterfall: A novel of
the Demon Accords
John Conroe

Hey all I’m back with my review of the 12th entry in my favorite Urban Fantasy series. It’s Wintefall, Book 12 in the Demon Accords, by John Conroe!

Plot Synopsis: With Declan O’Carroll on Fairie and Chris Gordon on Earth, what could go wrong? Try everything. Scheming elves, killer goblins, flaming dragons, and dirty diapers. With a growing, insidious threat to Earth, Chris and Tanya race to save lives while Declan, Stacia, and friends work just as hard to save their own lives on an alien world, far removed from the comforts and safety of home. Only together will they overcome the odds. But, come on, with this team, maybe the odds should look out.

Plot: This is just as gripping of an entry as Snake Eyes. I will definitely recommend that if you haven’t listened to Black Frost already by this point in the series to do so as it will add some much needed insight into this book. By the end of listening to this entry I was more than a bit disappointed that the next book isn’t already out yet.

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Characters: This is a very interesting entry in that it has both Third Person and First Person parts, with the First Person being Chris’s PoV, and the Third Person being the team on Fairie. In fact we get a look at a character we haven’t gotten to really know all that well, despite being in the series for over 7 books now.

Overall: A solid entry in a series that just keeps getting better and better. Winterfall is a must listen to for any Demon Accords Fans.

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