Demon Accords Rolls on With C.A.E.C.O

John Conroe

Hey all I’m back with the fifteenth audiobook in my favorite Urban Fantasy series. It’s C.A.E.C.O, Book 15 of the Demon Accords Series, by John Conroe!

Plot: The plot of this book is focused on Caeco Jensen as you might have guessed by the title, however that doesn’t mean we don’t see this story impact the rest of the Demon Accords universe as a whole. I won’t say more due to spoilers, but I was very satisfied with this entry in a way I wasn’t really expecting.

The only real complaint I have with C.A.E.C.O is that it’s too darn short, I really wish it was longer so I could enjoy it more. However that’s a complaint I’m willing to deal with, if the quality continues to be as excellent as it has been thus far.

Characters: I felt that I really got a handle on Caeco as a character since this is the first time we’ve seen her point of view since her debut in Executable. I hadn’t really enjoyed where her character was going prior to this story, however this book decidedly crushed that feeling.

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The rest of the cast is great as always and the newcomers fit right into the series as a whole in a way that just felt good. Of the newcomers I found that I enjoyed Jay the most, if only because she is quite snarky without being insubordinate which is a trait I’ve always enjoyed. However all the cast was as great as always with this series, so I’m really looking forward to the next entry.

Overall: An great entry in the Demon Accords series and an excellent reintroduction of certain characters back into the reader’s field of view.

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