Commitment Continues Promising Book Series

Nancy Ann Healy

Hey all I’m back with the third entry in the Spy Thriller series I’ve been covering recently. It’s Commitment, Alex and Cassidy Book 03 by Nancy Ann Healy!

Plot: The plot is just as intrigue laden as previous entries, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. The romance is not nearly as much a focus as the spy part of this entry, which is another point in Commitment’s favor. That said there are some plot devices that happen that have happened in previous books, so they lost a bit of their surprise factor, at least to me since I saw them coming from miles away.

That isn’t to say I wasn’t surprised at all, far from it to be honest, but I’d hoped certain devices wouldn’t be showing up again in this entry.

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Characters: The cast is pretty much the same, with the exception of pretty much one newcomer who I enjoyed quite a bit to be honest. Eliana was a very fun character and I’m hoping she shows up much more in future books.

Overall: A solid entry, if lacking a little bit in the surprise factor for those readers or listeners who are particularly well read like myself.

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