Having A Ball With Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom

Slaves of the Switchboard of
Doom: A Novel of Retropolis
Bradley W. Schenk

Hey all I’m back with a book aimed at a different audience than my usual fare. It’s Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom, Book 1 in the Retropolis series, by Bradley W. Schenk!

Plot Synopsis: After a surprise efficiency review, the switchboard operators of Retropolis’ tube transit system are replaced by a mysterious system beyond their comprehension. Dash Kent, freelance adventurer and apartment manager, is hired to get to the bottom of it…

Plot: Let me get this out of the way first, this isn’t really a serious book. It’s full of satire and humor that brings back the style of the future envisioned in the 40’s and 50’s. This all being said it’s still a fun ride. However, if you’re expecting nitty gritty action and heart pounding thriller excitement, you’re going to be disappointed.

Characters: Our cast is full of oddballs, which is great considering how satirical the book is. We’re introduced right into “action” with Dash rescuing a princess from the Priests of the Spider God’s whose temple is on the Moon. Except the princess is actually a Princess. Princess the Cat. So, Dash really isn’t all that stellar an adventurer, but hey at least he saved the cat right?

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The rest of the main characters are Rusty a maintenance robot, and Nola a transit tube switchboard operator. There are more characters, and they are all very unique.

Overall: This is a fun read, but don’t expect anything really serious out of this. Included in the book are illustrations by the author that are spaced throughout the pages, so that’s a definite fun addition to the book.

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