Finally, a Playable Space Combat Game

Do you have trouble, like I do, remembering that you have to hit the ‘up’ arrow to fly down and the ‘down’ arrow to fly up? Do enemy Frigates blast your Space Behemoth from the sky while you are trying to bring your massive weapons systems to bear on their puny hulls? Then perhaps you may find Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars (hereafter called Dominion Wars) to be an enjoyable game. The premise is simple – Deep Space Nine (the Federation’s multicultural space station) is sitting at the entrance to a stable ‘worm hole’ that leads to another … Continue reading Finally, a Playable Space Combat Game

Mob Rule is an offer you can’t refuse

Ay Toni? Check dis kid out. Eh-eh-eh-eh. The little squirt says he wants ta be a mobsta. Eh-eh-eh-eh. So ya’s think bein’ in the mob is a slice of pie do ya’s? Well ya got it all wrong kid. Mobbin’ ain’t easy. Dere’s rules to da game kid. Rules to da game. Ya gotta have connections. Ya gotta have charisma, style, and class along with nerves of steel. Ya gotta be tough as nails. Don’t take no crap from anybodies! Eye for an eye. Someone steps on your toes? You step on dere’s back! There ain’t no room for softies … Continue reading Mob Rule is an offer you can’t refuse

Deer Avenger pokes fun at hunting sims and the industry

Cendant Software and Simon and Schuster Interactive presents Deer Avenger, a hilarious new twist in a popular hunting game series where the hunter becomes the hunted. We are a little behind the curve in reviewing this one, but who knew this twist on hunting simulations would become so popular? According to Simon & Schuster Interactive, Deer Hunter 2 is in the works. Bambo the deer has had enough of being harassed by his oppressors and decides to take matters into his own hands. Armed with an M-16 rifle, bazooka, and a nifty slingshot, Bambo sets out on his vengeful hunting … Continue reading Deer Avenger pokes fun at hunting sims and the industry