GiN 2004 Hockey Report

Last years virtual NHL season saw a new champion emerge in the form of Sega Sports’ NHL 2K3, whose realistic gameplay and newly acquired ESPN presentation was able to overcome the shadow created by EA Sports. EA’s NHL 2003 fell below expectations with gameplay that felt way too arcade-like, and the addition of the "Gamebreaker" feature (used mainly in the NBA Street series) didn’t help much for NHL purists, which was sad considering how I considered the previous NHL 2002 to be a vast improvement on the series. What Madden used to suffer with an "odd year curse" seems to … Continue reading GiN 2004 Hockey Report

Ready for Some Football!

Football season is here at last. And what a first week it was! Once again, Houston wins their first game of the season (at the expense of poor Miami, who already put coach Dave Wannstedt on the hot seat), Former Patriots Drew Bledsoe and Lawyer Milloy deliver a big "in your face" to their former team in a 31-0 Bills Blowout, Brett Favre throws a record tying four picks in a loss, and best of all, the 49ers defense nukes the Bears in head coach Dennis Erickson’s debut. At the time of this writing I know we are heading into … Continue reading Ready for Some Football!

World Series 2K1 loses big

Sega’s World Series baseball lineup, until now, always appeared a sure thing to me. It all started when I played the original World Series for the Genesis, which was developed by Blue Sky. This company was also responsible for great Genesis classics such as the Vectorman series. When the Saturn was released in 95, a new Japanese-based development house released their smash hit Greatest Nine to the states, naming it again World Series Baseball. It was one of the earlier launches capable of stealing some thunder from the EA Sports titles released for the PlayStation. As each year passed, the … Continue reading World Series 2K1 loses big

Sega Sports NHL 2K scores!

Black Box has a lot to prove. After all, this is a company releasing a sports game for the Draamcast right after Visual Concepts created two titles that changed sports games as we know it, NFL 2K and NBA 2K. In creating NHL 2K, it needs to be taken into consideration that Black Box was responsible for the Saturn conversion of NHL Powerplay, the only NHL title that I feel would easily dethrone anything that EA Sports game out with (it did beat them that year, as NHL 96 for the Saturn and PlayStation ended up being scrapped). Powerplay included … Continue reading Sega Sports NHL 2K scores!

NBA 2K is a slam dunk success

Now, before I write this review, I should mention that I am not the biggest fan of basketball. In fact it really ticks me off when there is a Washington Capitals game on and it gets pre-empted by the pathetic Washington Wizards. I do however play basketball on my computer, and for the last few years I have been hooked by the excellent NBA Live series on the PC. However, now that Sega Sports is back after their release of NFL 2K (the winner of GiN’s Sports Game of the Year), I decided to give their NBA 2K a chance. … Continue reading NBA 2K is a slam dunk success