Survive Shivercliff in Husk

Welcome to the town of Shivercliff, where your nightmares come alive. In Husk, players explore the abandoned town and surroundings looking for clues to its mystery while surviving the monsters and strangeness. This first person survival horror will play with your psyche as you relive the memories of former Shivercliff resident Matthew Palmer.

Husk Horror Survival Adventure Creeps to Release

Husk – a down-to-earth survival horror about harm, pain, and seeking forgiveness – debuts on PC. It’s 1995, you’re Matthew Palmer, and you’ve just woken up after a train crash. There’s nobody around. In particular, there’s no trace of your wife and daughter. The only sign indicating where you are says: Welcome to Shivercliff… Shivercliff – a small town somewhere on the coast. Once beautiful and lively, with gift shops and tourists visiting the nearby lighthouse, wharf, and forests. Now discouragingly empty with a vague sense of danger hanging in the air. A place where you’ll be forced to face … Continue reading Husk Horror Survival Adventure Creeps to Release