Chaos On Deponia Wins Best German Game For 2012

At the presentation of the fifth annual German Computer Games Award in Berlin, the guys from Daedalic Entertainment had every reason to celebrate. The studio from Hamburg and their adventure title Chaos on Deponia took home the award for Best German Game. "We’re all very honored to win this award and we’re proud our story and characters could persuade with their depth and substance. We’d like to thank the jury, all our co-workers at Daedalic, who make our games what they are in the first place, and last but not least, our partner Eurovideo", said Carsten Fichtelmann, founder and CEO … Continue reading Chaos On Deponia Wins Best German Game For 2012

Daedalic Announces First Ever Strategy Game

Bolstered by the success of their celebrated adventure games, the developers at Daedalic Entertainment are now off to new frontiers. This summer, Blackguards, the studio’s first turn based RPG will be released. Framed in a significantly darker story than you usually find in Daedalic games, the player will walk in the boots of a convicted murderer as he travels through Aventuria’s wild south. On this journey the protagonist is accompanied by companions of varying loyalty: scoundrels and thieves like the half-elf Niam (and her latent drug addiction) or the lecherous wizard Zurbaran. Blackguards features hordes of lethal creatures and other … Continue reading Daedalic Announces First Ever Strategy Game

Memoria Announced by Daedalic

Indie developer Daedalic Entertainment once again journeys into the amazing world of Aventuria in their new adventure-game. "Memoria" not only continues the tale of bird catcher Geron, protagonist of the prequel "Chains of Satinav", but players will also take the role of the adventurous princess Sadja, venturing deep into Aventuria’s past and experience an age of epic battles. With the announcement, Daedalic Entertainment is releasing the first screenshots, showcasing the game’s impressive locations. The detailed, hand-drawn backgrounds breathe life into a story from the mind of Kevin Mentz (writer: "A New Beginning"; co-writer: "Chains of Satinav", "Deponia"). The full-resolution-screenshots as … Continue reading Memoria Announced by Daedalic

Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav RPG Gets Release Date

‘The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav’ reached gold status. Daedalic Entertainment and Deep Silver successfully completed the development and test phase. The game will be released on June 22nd and is available as a retail box in selected countries as well as on steam worldwide. Players take on the role of Geron, who gets involved into an uncanny intrigue. The kingdom of Andergast, whose inhabitants are well known for their superstition, is in clinch with the neighbored Nostria, but first steps into the direction of an enduring peace are taken. But a mysterious plague of crows disturbs all upcoming hope. … Continue reading Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav RPG Gets Release Date

A New Beginning Climate Change Game Ships

The multi-award winning adventure game A New Beginning, developed by Daedalic Entertainment, can now be downloaded on several digital platforms in a full English version. The unusual PC game is available at online shops including and The cinematic, interactive adventure-thriller A New Beginning deals with an impending global climate cataclysm: At locations all around the globe, players will have to try and stem the tide – with the whole world hanging in the balance. Scientist Bent Svensson has had to give up on his life’s work of trying to bring an eco-friendly alternative energy source to reality. But … Continue reading A New Beginning Climate Change Game Ships

Daedalic Entertainment To Publish Botanicula In Europe

German publisher and developer Daedalic Entertainment and Czech studio Amanita Design have extended their succesful partnership. Daedalic will be the exclusive publisher of Botanicula, the new title from the makers of Machinarium, in most major European territories. Telling a wonderful story without words is the great art of Amanita Design. Botanicula takes the player to a fairy-tale world of plants, where he helps five tree creatures on a quest to save their home’s last seed from a pack of evil parasites. Each of the five protagonists has unique skills, which have to be combined in many different ways throughout the … Continue reading Daedalic Entertainment To Publish Botanicula In Europe

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