New Game-based Novels

Played any good books lately? Well, actually, we have.
Played any good books lately? Well, actually, we have.

Gamers love plowing through a new adventure, but are often a bit sad when one they enjoyed finally ends. Books based on games can extend that joy a little bit longer, set up sequels or even take familiar characters and game worlds in completely different directions. Some books even come out before a game now, to wet player’s whistles and generate hype and buzz for the big release.

In short, books based on game worlds are a big deal, with publishers training a stable crew of professional novelists to pen those stories, or letting talented developers put more of their mark on a world.

This week we look at some of the recent hits – and a few misses – as we turn the page on books about or set inside game worlds we all know and love.

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3 thoughts on “New Game-based Novels”

  1. As a correction: Journey to Rainbow Island was aimed at middle grade readers, not middle-aged readers. Slip of the tongue. Whoops.

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