Wonder Woman review

Wonder Woman: best DC film yet?

Drew and Chella review Wonder Woman, on this episode of Argue the Toss.

But first, we interrupt this podcast for the following message:

We give up. We can’t carry on any longer. God knows we’ve tried to
stick to the brief and “argue about the things that really matter in
games”. You know. The thing we say at the top of every show. But
here we are eleven episodes deep into season three and we’ve done,
what, three episodes about videogames? We can’t keep lying to you
like this. We’ve altered the terms of the deal. And also we’ve altered
the thing we say at the top of every show. We think you’ll be
pleasantly surprised. Or just normally surprised. Or not surprised.

This week the ATTeam have been to see DC’s newest offering,
Wonder Woman – a film about an Amazon superhero from the
mystical island of Themyscira. Listen out for us taking pains to
avoid having to pronounce that name during the episode.



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