Most wanted games of 2018

The most wanted games of 2018

Drew and Chella discuss the most wanted games of 2018, with a list that features vampires, cowboys and geese.

It’s January again, and this week the ATTeam are discussing the games they’re looking forward to in 2018 and slightly beyond. We start with the new(ish) Shadow of the Colossus, Detroit: Become Human, the untitled new From Software project that Drew really hopes is a Dark Souls 1 remaster, and then it’s on to… hold on.

Sorry, we’ve got a late-breaking update here: wishes come true, magic is real, Heaven exists and the world is essentially a good place. The From Software project IS a Dark Souls 1 remaster, and it’s coming out in, like, May. Hallelujah. We go now to… wait, one moment.

Sorry, we’re just getting another bulletin. Allegations of David Cage’s studio Quantic Dream being a toxic, male-dominated, prejudiced environment have just come out to widespread cries of “wow, shocker” and “well, yeah, obviously”. Cage has defended himself against accusations of racism, homophobia and sexism by pointing out that he does, in fact, know a gay woman and also a black person. (Seriously. He said that. That’s not a gag, you can look that one up.) Drew would therefore like to amend his “looking forward to playing the Detroit: Become Human trainwreck” opinion to “never mind, actually not giving that fucker a penny”, so please transpose that audio over the podcast using your brain.

See, this is the problem with recording these things a week in advance, everything changes. At least we’ve all got that great Shitlord Goose game to look forwa- hold on.

We regret to inform you that the goose is racist.

Those are the Argue the Toss most wanted games of 2018, tell us yours.


2 thoughts on “The most wanted games of 2018”

  1. Great list of games ATT team! But I am still holding out hope for Detroit: Become Human. It looks so good! Now however, I may also add the game with the duck to my list, because, come on, everyone loves ducks. I used to be Lord of the Ducks, but that is a story for another day…

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