Tabletop roleplaying

Tabletop roleplaying games: beyond DnD

Drew and Chella discuss tabletop roleplaying.

What do you do if you want to play a fun roleplaying videogame, but you don’t have a controller, or a games console, or a TV, or a videogame, and in fact all you’ve got is a raised surface, some seats, some weird cubes and other polytopes with numbers printed on them, and three to five other nerds? Sounds like an impossible conundrum, but astonishingly, there is something you can do.

This week, Argue The Toss investigates the world of non-video videogames, or as they’re more commonly known, tabletop roleplaying games. Or as they’re even more commonly known, “what, you mean like Dungeons and Dragons? That’s the thing they play on Stranger Things, right?” And as if that weren’t enough, and it actually would be enough because this episode’s a long one, we delve deep into ATT lore and recount Chella and Drew’s origin story.


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