Nightflyers is Sci-fi Horror That Fails to Scare

Nightflyers was, apparently, the most expensive SyFy production and although it doesn’t look bad, it didn’t help the show, which has been cancelled after just one season.

Based on a George R.R. Martin novella from the 1980s, Nightflyers is set during a period when Earth is almost inhabitable and humans are having a really bad time. A team of researchers are sent into space to make first contact with aliens who may have the technology to help humanity. On board there is a dangerous telepath who could be the key to communication, but his presence unsettles the crew and things take a few dark turns.

Drew and Chella didn’t find much to hate about this sci-fi horror, but they also didn’t find much to love about Nightflyers. And then there’s the bee lady. Maybe the bee lady dunnit. Who knows?

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