Most anticipated games of 2019

Most anticipated games of 2019

April is kicking off with a host of awesome releases, which leads Drew & Chella to look at their most anticipated games of 2019.

It’s that simple people.

This isn’t a list of the biggest titles hitting the market this year. There are plenty of lists of all the good and great AAAs, sprinkled with a few indies. We know that Argue the Toss listeners come here for something a bit different and the ATTeam don’t disappoint. This the Argue the Toss most anticipated, so expect some unexpected most wanted games, alongside some of the ones you’d expect.

This week alone gives us Falcon  Age and next we’ve got Heaven’s Vault, meanwhile, Drew is excited about Spelunky 2. This show covers all the things you should be playing this year.

What have we missed? Tell us your most anticipated games of 2019 here or @arguethecast on Twitter, where we can #ArgueTheToss together.


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