The Future’s Virtual with Doctor Wendy Powell

Regular reality’s just not real enough, so this week Argue The Toss returns to the virtual, this time with a special guest! Dr. Wendy Powell, senior member of the IEEE and senior lecturer in applications of VR at the University of Portsmouth, is here to Sherpa the team through realities both virtual and augmented.

Where are VR and AR technologies headed? How will they affect us and the way we socialise? What exciting new things can we do with them? What’s the future of VR in treating psychological conditions? What negative aspects of VR should we be worried about? And why can’t Drew catch a Dratini in Pokémon Go – the indicator says he’s right on top of it but it just won’t appear no matter where he stands?

All of these questions except one are answered herein. Special thanks to Wendy for joining us.

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