San Diego Comic Con 2017

Best trailers of San Diego Comic-Con 2017

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has been and gone and it brought the internet more trailers than… than you would find in, uh, a trailer park… look, I’m going to level with you. I just got home from work and I’ve got Tacoma sitting in my downloaded games list. I’ve been waiting for that for months.

This is not gonna be the podcast blurb where I do my best and most complex wordplay, or spend way too much time fitting the words to the cadence of a song, or write a dopey little piece of micro-fiction about a cowboy. To make up for it we’ve distilled the 50 or so new trailers released at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 to the eight or nine that you should really care about! By which we mean the ones that we really care about.

Join us as we discuss the STUNNING NEW FACTS we know about:
Dirk Gently Season 2 (it’s happening)
Bright (it looks a lot like Shadowrun)
Star Trek Discovery (it’s set in space)
The Defenders (we’re going to watch it)
Justice League (Jeremy Irons is very funny in it)
Thor: Ragnarok (everyone’s very funny in it)
Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi has great hair in it)
Jigsaw (Drew is sorry that he even mentioned this one, he loves the Saw films, even the stupid ones, but even he doesn’t actually think this one looks good)

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