Where Can You Find Broadcasts of Your Favorite Team’s eSports Matches?

The number of eSports fans is growing rapidly all over the world. It is more than exciting to follow your favorite team and watch live broadcasts of different tournaments and championships. Still, the question arises where to do this in the most convenient way? Modern eSports does not rely on TV and other options that were popular previously.

What are the ways to follow eSports competitions? This industry utilizes a wide variety of streaming services. One can easily access any tournament on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming. Some matches are still available on TV. In addition, there are specially dedicated resources like https://pro-gaming-online.com with all the current information about tournaments.

Such modern services make de it easier to access eSports events. They are user-friendly and provide all the necessary data. The thing is that there are many eSports and the list of matches is enormous. Therefore, it can be hard to navigate through them and not miss the one you are interested in. Let’s consider a few examples to see the differences between eSports and how to follow them.

League of Legends

This one belongs to the most popular eSports ever. It is streamed all over the world for millions of fans who follow all that happened in it and support their favorite teams.

Its Championship Series consists of two seasons or splits. The first is held in the spring while the second is organized in the summer. Each part lasts approximately nine weeks. After that, the World Championship comes in the autumn. Here the greatest events take place that gather millions of fans.

Every team that participates in matches competes on both a regional and international level. This gives them a chance to be invited to the World Championships and become legendary champions.

Different tournaments are hosted in the US, Europe and Asia. Therefore, if you want to follow all of them, you had better do it online. All the reliable streaming services provide a full list of matches with exact dates and times. Thus, you will not miss anything important with their help.

Manual search in this case is not a good idea. It is easy to get lost in events and miss an important tournament.

Overwatch League

Overwatch LeagueAmong other eSports, this one is a bit easier to understand as it mimics traditional sports leagues. It has teams that are located in some cities. For example, there are teams in Philadelphia, Texas, New York and Los Angeles. The entire league contains 12 teams.

The season is launched in January. Teams start to go to other cities for matches and competitions. There are also international competitions that are held in Europe and Asia. The championship tournament is organized in July.

When everything is so clear, it is a bit easier to follow the progress of the game and the interesting tournaments. Still, it takes time to find the service to watch. It appears that online streaming services provide good conditions for it together with necessary schedules and timetables.


Why is can be also challenging to follow some eSports leagues? There are new among them that are interesting but hard to find information about. For instance, Fortnite was launched not so long ago. It has numerous matches in the summer, but they are somehow incoherent.

For fans, it is easier to follow the social media channels of the league where the information appears in time. The updates are posted before each new tournament.

In addition, not all the platforms provide the proper streaming of this league. Therefore, it can be hard to find both the data of the tournament and the place where to watch it.

Thus, if you choose a proper streaming platform, you can be sure of not missing anything important. Dedicated resources are the best help for eSports fans. They are convenient, user-friendly and always at hand for those who crave to watch another amazing match.

Altogether, the eSports world is more than fascinating and numerous events take place every day. It is just impossible to follow all of them. Thus, select your favorites, choose the streaming service and enjoy the best tournaments.

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