Video Game Icons That Became Online Slot Legends

Popular video game franchises have been adapted to all sorts of mediums. There’s books, comics, food items and even movies based on our favourite gaming stars. Some of these films are kind of terrible – but you get the idea. One area of adaptation many gamers don’t expect is online slots. From the start button to the spin button, video game icons have made the jump from home consoles – to the casino floor. And here, we take a look at some of the most popular video game stars.

Lara Croft

The star of the Tomb Raider series – Miss Croft is renowned for her love of adventure and shiny artifacts. Her games have sold millions worldwide, with the 1996 original selling over 7 million copies alone. It was only a matter of time before software developer Microgaming came knocking. The treasure hunting heroine received a full series of games, which are still available to this day.

Agent 47

Love killing bad guys in creative ways? Perhaps you have an affinity with smooth bald heads? Then you have probably played Hitman – a stealth game which really indulges a player’s craftiness… or masochism. Agent 47 received his own slot game in 2007 – which was once again developed by Microgaming. In homage to the game’s violence, one of the symbols in the slot is an 18 rating…

Leon Kennedy/Chris Redfield

Two of the most iconic stars in the Resident Evil series star side by side in the Resident Evil 6 Slot. Okay, so the game wasn’t all that great – especially compared to 2019’s phenomenal RE2 remake. But in terms of staying true to the source material – this slot has the (Mr) X factor. There are green herbs, ammo and all the zombie killing goodness you can muster.


We could put the whole cast of the classic games here. Blanka, Chun-Li, Guile… which is a hard name to say without saying “Sonic Boom” straight after. In 2020, NetEnt announced that they were creating a slot based on Street Fighter 2 – one of the most iconic games in the series. Expect plenty of Hadoukens flying when this slot launches later in the year.


The Aliens from Space Invaders have an unforgettable 8-bit design. And depending on your blasting skills, you may remember these critters fondly. Or you may have nightmarish flashbacks of watching your high score go poof. The Space Invader slot stayed true to the style of the 1978 original game, which means a lovingly crafted retro aesthetic.

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