The Weirdest and Best Nintendo Switch Titles for 2022

Back in 2016, Nintendo announced plans to release a handheld console. The news was a shock to many—but few experts or gamers could have predicted how influential the Switch would be. Rather than performing simply as a handheld device, the Switch can also be used as a desktop console via its docking station.

Though gamers had not seen any hybrid console attempts before, Nintendo has since sold more than 2.7 million Switches. Tie in the bundled release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has since become one of the most highly acclaimed video games of all time, and the Japanese company has cemented itself (once again) as a top name in the gaming industry. From its hardware to its releases, there are few groups that have steered gaming to the same degree.

For years, developers had sought to adapt titles for all console formats in order to appeal to wider audiences. The Switch tackled this by allowing gamers to access their titles on the go or via a desktop. However, Switch games have also been ported for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, making it one of the most robust and versatile options for gamers.

Are you thinking about opting for the Nintendo Switch? Along with some of the world’s most popular games, from Fortnite to Animal Crossing, you can also find a slew of unique and unforgettable titles. Some are from indie developers like Thunderlotus Games, while others are from major studios like Epic Games. Below, we explore five of the most interesting games available now on the Switch. 


Dungeon Crawler Set in Greek Underworld

For the uninitiated, a dungeon crawler is a fantasy game that requires players to navigate a dungeon. Sounds simple, but dungeon crawlers increase in complexity with each level escaped. In Hades, players attempt to flee the (Greek) Underworld playing as Zagreus, son of Hades who’s looking to escape. From beautiful visuals to a killer soundtrack, Hades has all the details to keep you glued to your Switch for hours. 


Stardew Valley meets Dance-Dance-Revolution

If facing down the King of the Underworld sounds a little intense, dive into farming simulator Ooblets. In the game, players can grow their own critters (rather than crops)—and they aren’t for eating. The small creatures, called Ooblets, are born to dance… but if you’re going to succeed in the ultimate dance-off, you’ll need to train them first. Along with its interesting premise, Ooblets has also received acclaim for its unique and colorful visual design. 

Disco Elysium

‘Become a hero or an absolute disaster of a human being’

Disco Elysium’s official tagline, above, perfectly encapsulates this game’s charm. The role-playing game requires players to solve a complex mystery through a series of social scenarios. But they start as a detective who clearly isn’t at the top of his game. If you’re interested in using your wit and charm to navigate a series of increasingly unhinged situations and oddball characters, then look no further.

Princess Farmer

A Match-Three Puzzle (& Drama)

For those new to casual gaming, visual novel storytelling is one of the biggest categories in the genre. A visual novel focuses on storytelling in a game and relationship-building. In Princess Farmer, players are treated to a delightful and colorful world filled with intrigue—plus plenty of dialogue. Throw in some match-three puzzles and there’s more than enough for even the greenest gamer to latch onto.


RPG as a Friendly Psychopomp

If you’re a little weary of games like first-person shooters and battle royales, which all involve some form of combat, then consider Spiritfarer. This game takes an entirely new approach to gaming—rather than destroy enemies, players help the recently passed move on to the next world. It’s not about leaping over rivers or finding the Chosen Sword. Instead, the game takes a more cinematic and empathetic approach to the afterlife, in which players must engage with others and help them come to terms with their current reality. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

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