Sun Microsystems Teams with Infinium

Infinium Labs (OTC BB: IFLB) and Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) have announced plans to create a network and infrastructure that streams content for Infinium’s flagship Phantom Game Service, direct to the living room. The Phantom Game Service will be built upon a scalable, cost-effective and highly secure solution that harnesses the power of the network, allowing consumers access to a huge library of PC games on-demand.

Infinium Labs chose to work with Sun’s Game Technologies Group after evaluating the offerings of several undisclosed providers in the space.

"The Game Technologies Group’s understanding of online gaming, along with the broad-based expertise of the company in delivering content and services over networks, makes Sun an ideal partner for us," said Kevin Bachus, president, Infinium Labs. "Sun’s expertise in delivering content from back-end systems to the user will now become one of our biggest assets. We can focus on offering consumers choice, convenience and ease of use with our PC and Java-based game service."

Infinium Labs and Sun plan to deploy joint marketing programs that underscore their shared vision for the video game industry.

"Infinium’s mission is in line with Sun’s goal to leverage the network as a vehicle to make entertainment content, information and services ubiquitous for consumers, and we want to empower the company to make that happen in the video game arena," said Chris Melissinos, chief gaming officer at Sun Microsystems. "We’re glad Infinium’s direct to consumer model furthers our initiative to help developers using Java technology to distribute and sell their games to a wide audience."

Sun is providing architecture design and back-end infrastructure, as well as managed hosting services, as part of the overall solution. Sun’s Java technology has been adopted by carriers, handset manufacturers and content companies that want to create and deploy advanced applications and innovative mobile data services. Java technology now powers more than 1.75 billion devices around the globe, including 579 million Java Powered phones, 600 million Java Card technology-enabled smart cards, set-top boxes, PDAs, printers, games and Web sites. Java technology and the online consumer marketplace let consumers enjoy the best the digital world has to offer, including games and puzzles, sports, chats, email, the arts, financial tools and much more.

Earlier this year, Infinium announced its support of the Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment and Sun’s game APIs, which will allow Java technology-based games to run on the Phantom service out of the box. The Phantom game service also supports PC games. Infinium Labs plans to launch its Phantom Game Service in 2005.

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