Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Preview – One-Man-Army Simulator

Sniper: Ghost Warrior games have a checkered history. Developed by Polish studio CI Games they have been middling for two installments. The third game of the series is set for release on April 25 this year and looks surprisingly promising. Let’s take a look at what awaits us in CI Games’ third attempt at creating a sniping-based game.

The story and protagonist

The protagonist of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is Jonathan ‘Jon’ North, a US Marine and Afghanistan veteran. Jon has a past troubled due to his experiences in the military and the disappearance and assumed death of his younger brother Robert. Jon’s a by-the-book kind of soldier, a stark contrast to his brother, who was (is?) more of a next-gen enthusiast and saw (sees?) where the future of warfare lies.

Where are we going?

The events of S:GW3 take place in Georgia, which is being torn apart by civil war. To stop the conflict a team of black ops experts is needed to eliminate separatists before they completely upset the delicate political situation. Jon volunteers after finding out that his brother is somehow engaged in the conflict in unknown capacity.
Determined to uncover the truth and get his brother back, Jon brings several of old allies as his team and plunges into the civil war.

Sniper? Ghost? Warrior?

Although the game’s title may suggest otherwise, CI Games’ upcoming production offers three distinct profiles you can mix in any way you want. These profiles are appropriately called Sniper, Ghost, and Warrior.

Thrice-split proficiency

Sniper is your typical sharpshooter ability line. Breath control, reduction of weapon sway, probably some compensation for environmental factors when you make a long-distance shot.

Ghost is a stealth-based skill tree, focused on getting in and out unseen. It also handles close-quarters assassinations, infiltration, exfiltration, and everything related.

Sniping your target in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Finally the Warrior profile focuses on boosting Jon’s open combat abilities. It improves his proficiency with weapons, adds useful abilities etc. It is worth noting, however, that it doesn’t make Jon into an 80s action movie star. Dying is still easy if you don’t pick your battles wisely.


Depending on your in-game actions you will score points for corresponding profiles. The more you sneak around, the more points will be allocated to the Ghost profile. Go guns blazing and you’ll be a better Warrior. It’s a responsive progression system that allows you to define your playstyle the way you want. You can play using pure specs, or you can mix and match, creating hybrid builds.

Tools of the trade

You aren’t going to be empty handed, of course. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will provide the player with a wide selection of weapons and plenty of modifications to customize them to your liking.

Stealth in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Pick optics, magazines, suppressors, and more to create weapons perfectly matching your needs of the moment and general playstyle.
Sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols and much more will available, never leaving you without a great weapon for any range.

Mission status

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 seems very determined to atone for the sins of the past, much like its protagonist. Flexible progression catering to many playstyles, deep and wide weapon customization, and engaging personal story make it all look very promising. Even the preorder seems very reasonable, with the Season Pass already included without boosting the price. Of course it remains to be seen what the post-release price will be, but the hopes are up.

CI Games’ Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 launches on April 25 this year.

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