Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes Unveiled


rescue2fix01How many lives will you save? This important question is not only a central part of every firefighter’s job, but also the motto of the brand new strategy simulation game Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes. Developed by the Finnish studio Fragment Production Ltd. and published by German games publisher rondomedia, the game offers players an unique perspective into the daily challenges of managing the affairs of several fire stations within a large urban area!

Numerous players have already been captivated by the preceding parts of the Rescue-series, now all fans of firefighting simulations can experience even more, high-octane fun in the newest part of the franchise Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes.

As the head of operations, the player will not only be responsible for the safety of the fictitious city of Belvitsia, but also ensure that his rescue units are always adequately equipped to tackle their dangerous tasks. Whether small outdoor fires or massive structural infernos, it is his call to provide the men and women under his command with the right gear, to assign the specialists hired by him to specific fire stations and to coordinate their journey to various simultaneously occurring emergencies throughout the city. Do you have the strategic abilities and skill to master all these tasks? Try your hand and become a real everyday hero in Rescue 2!

Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes will delight players with an exciting back story, varied main missions and manifold side quests as well as offer a profound insight into the daily challenges of a real life firefighter.

All decisions, ranging from the selection and compilation of different fire brigades, their gear or the suitable extinguishing agent for any situation at hand, to the choice if to use nearby lakes as additional water sources, need to be carefully considered. Just like in real life every second counts in the fast-paced missions of Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes!

Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes is available now for PC and Mac OS X for 24.99 USD / 24.99 EUR / 18.99 GBP (RRP) as an online download.


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