Farming Simulator 17 Fields The Big Bud Pack DLC

GIANTS Software is proud to unleash the world’s largest farm tractor to Farming Simulator 17 in the Big Bud Pack! This larger-than-life DLC gives players access to two Big Bud tractors plus 12 pieces of equipment and is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac.

With the Big Bud Pack DLC, Farming Simulator players will be able to use the monstrous Big Bud 747 tractor, its smaller brother the Big Bud 450, and 12 of the most enormous pieces of farming equipment ever made from brands including Bednar, Great Plains, Grégoire-Besson, Seed Hawk, and more. These new tools and tractors will allow players to work their fields with incredible speed and efficiency, thanks to a huge working width of up to 25 meters.

The Big Bud Pack DLC is now available for digital download on PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The DLC is also included within the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Season Pass offer. It’s also available at retail for PC, in the form of the Official Expansion Big Bud.

About Farming Simulator 17: Big Bud Pack

Drive the world’s largest farm tractor, the Big Bud 747, and some of the most enormous pieces of farming equipment ever made. Work your fields in a whole new way, and feel the satisfaction of driving the colossal Big Bud tractors!

Gear up with two monster Big Bud tractors and 12 new pieces of equipment from iconic brands including Bednar, Great Plains, Grégoire-Besson, Seed Hawk and many others.

Key Features

• The Big Bud 747 tractor and its smaller brother, the Big Bud 450

• 12 dedicated pieces of equipment to work your fields, with a working width up to 25 meters

• Harvest your field and enjoy tons of possibilities for developing your farm with a large variety of crops

• Evolve your farm in huge environments with immersive visual effects

• Invite friends to help you progress and expand your farm in multiplayer games

• Download mods created by the passionate community for unlimited content and an ever-evolving Farming Simulator 17 experience

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