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Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m sorry for the long delay in getting back to you! I’m going to be starting up my posts once again beginning with this one as a replacement for a Bookish Wednesday.

What took you so long?: Well in addition to my computer giving up the ghost, which required me to wait in order to get enough money to buy a new computer, I thought I had properly saved my entire computer’s data and would be able to transfer it over to my new computer easily. It turns out that I had only gotten all my files, but none of my applications or user settings. I was missing my ability to use my Microsoft Office applications (screw subscription services, they’re a scam in my eyes; a good normal Office can last you years without costing you an arm and a leg every month or so). So I had to solve that issue before I got anything really done.

In addition, I’ve got this strange bump on the back of my hand which my family and I think is a Ganglion Cyst. So, I’m very deliberately not pushing myself to do a bunch of writing all at once since I can’t tell if it’s causing me pain or not. This is due to my sense of pain being incredibly dulled because of my dealing with scoliosis for many, many years at this point.

Regardless, I’ll be back to posting every four days starting today! See you next time.

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