Video Game Tuesday: User Survey on VR in 2021

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with another non-standard Video Game Tuesday this week. It’s a User Survey on VR in 2021!

So I’d love to get feedback from readers or even colleagues in the comments down below on these questions.

Have you tried VR in the last 6 years?

Why or why not?

If yes, do you prefer VR over traditional games played on a regular screen?

If no, what do you need/want to happen before considering VR for gaming?

Leave your answers in the comments below! That’s it for this week’s odd Video Game Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Video Game Tuesday: User Survey on VR in 2021”

  1. I do love VR but mostly for its potential. I played many years ago at the dawn of VR back at Dave and Busters but it was all lines like the Battlezone game. Then I got a PSVR demo and it was pretty cool but it was just a demonstration of diving with fish. It was amazing, but it was not really a game.

    From what I have seen, we don’t have the technology hardware to make good VR games. For example, with Skyrim VR, it sounds like it would be very cool, but its not walking around in virtual reality, it’s warping from spot to spot and then you can look around but have to stay in place. Or you can warp to a new spot. I cant imagine exploring a dungeon like that, let alone sneaking around and getting an idea about the theme of the place.

    I would love if VR would be like a good 3D game, like Subnautica or even Assassin’s Creed, but just happen to have a 3D interface. Right now, its either a game with stripped down graphics or a stripped down interface. And that is just not that appealing to me. I would love it if realistic VR was practical, but I don’t think we are anywhere close right now. We are better off playing a first person title with the graphics cranked all the way up. Dim the lights and its almost like VR.

  2. I haven’t tried VR yet. The way the headsets are currently designed makes it impossible for me to wear them. I’ve had two brain surgeries, & those straps put pressure in all the wrong places for me. I’m waiting for either when they’re like a pair of glasses or an actual holodeck (yes, tongue is firmly in cheek regarding that wait)!!!

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