Video Game Tuesday: Prepping for an Expansion in MMOs

Michael Blaker
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I’m going to tell you how to prep for an expansion in an MMORPG for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

Get Caught Up: If you have any story quests that you need to finish before the expansion releases do it sooner rather than later, and if a new content patch releases and it contains story quests wait one day before attempting any group activity. The first day will be terrible, because no one knows what to do, while the second day will be the best time as everyone who knows how to use their brains will be knowledgable about the fight and will be completing it that day. Waiting is not advisable, sure you might be stuck with a cliffhanger in the story, but at least you won’t be beating your head against the wall for group content no else wants to do for weeks.

Level Up: Get any classes you are planning on using to the current max level! This includes professions, you’ll want these to help you with other things I’m about to mention in a bit! Having everything ready and raring to go when the expansion launches is going to make your life much easier, as you’ll not be stuck waiting to do group content with idiots who don’t know left from right.

Gear Up: If you can gear up as much as possible with the best possible equipment. This is a much lesser important step than other steps, but it will make your life easier as the content may be unforgiving for those going in blind as everyone will be in the beginning.

Pack Up: Start stockpiling crafting materials and supplies for the next piece of advice!

Cash: Make as much as possible, be ruthless in the player run economy and dominate them! Buy from people who severely undercut you and sell for profit from their idiocy. Be careful however as you want it to not flood the market with items, unless they will always sell like hotcakes.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

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