Video Game Tuesday: Player Run Economy Basics

Michael Blaker
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This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering a topic that I find most players of online games don’t get. It’s all about Player Run Economy Basics!

What’s a Player Run Economy?: It’s anything that isn’t run by a computer program built by the developers of the game. Things like Auction Houses and Market Boards.

Why am I covering this?: Because I find that a lot of people are jerks or just plain stupid when using these features.

What should I be doing? Well first off only undercut by only 1, in the case of a monetary system like WoW I’d say only by 1 silver at the most. In games like Final Fantasy XIV I’d do it by one Gil.

But I’m Lazy! I don’t want to take the time and trouble by doing that!: Tough, you’re ruining some people’s enjoyment every time you just thoughtlessly ruin the economic balance by just tossing some random number onto the price of the item.  Some people just live to become virtual tycoons, even if there is no way to actually impact the real world with said money.

But (Insert some dumb excuse): Look everyone wants to make money, it’s part of the human psyche that we are greedy bastards each and every one of us. If you can’t play nicely you’re going to get burned eventually and get burned badly. Wether some virtual tycoon tanks all your postings earnings or you end up buying something to try and sell for more only to never recoup the losses.

So what else should I be doing?: Well I also see people posting items below the price that they are sold to NPCs, which is all kinds of stupidity in and of itself. Stop doing that, instead buy it from the idiots who do and sell it for a profit to an NPC.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

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