Michael Blaker’s Video Game Tuesday: Favorite Cross-Play Enabled Games

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with another question for you folks in this week’s Video Game Tuesday. It’s all about Favorite Cross-Play Enabled Games!

What?: Well, in case you are unaware, there are some games now out there that allow you to play together with anyone regardless of the platform that you or they are playing on. Some are blindingly obvious like the various MMOs that are on both PC and consoles like Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, or the ever-popular Fortnite. Other titles aren’t nearly as well known, or they’ve offered cross-play after the game initially launched like No Man’s Sky.

Which are your faves, Michael?: I love Final Fantasy XIV, and I can’t recommend it to others enough. It’s got the quality storytelling you’d expect of Final Fantasy games, even rivaling some of the greatest of the older games like 6 or 9. But I haven’t played it since 2020 due to burning out.

Recently, in the past nine months, I’ve been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky. I started playing it with my baby brother who plays it on the PC while I play with him on the PS5. Being able to load up my launch day save file on my PlayStation 5 after it was transferred to the PS5 from my PS4 is lots of fun.

What are some of your favorite cross-play enabled games, and which ones have you taken advantage of that feature on?

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