Screenshot courtesy Giant Machines 2017.

Almost Ready For Relaunch

Michael Blaker
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Editor’s Note: Michael was able to get us a note about his current hiatus from his videogame and anime and book postings. He had to send it in via smoke signal from his home out West, so there may be a few errors. Take it away Michael…

Hey all! I promise I haven’t forgotten about my GiN blog. I finally got my new computer ordered and it’s being shipped soon. However, I don’t know when exactly it will arrive this month.

Screenshot courtesy Giant Machines 2017.
Screenshot courtesy Giant Machines 2017.

I will be back, and I hope to do so in the next couple of weeks, but as of right now I can’t give a specific time frame other than it will be by the end of the month at the latest, barring any issues that I can’t control, like shipping and handling problems. I hope to be back soon with new stuff to cover, and sincerely hope you all will come back and enjoy it once again. In the mean time, check out my reviews of books and games at There are some really great stories there as well, all written by my fabulously talented colleagues.

See you all again soon!

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