Translation Neccesary Thursday: A wild name change appears!

Michael Blaker
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Hi all after deciding to officially change my Thursday column’s focus from Light Novels to all translated novels way back in Feburary I’ve finally finalized a name for the column! It’s Translation Necessary Thursday, or TNT for short and because it’s my most explosive column according to page views!

Why the name change?: Well as much as I liked Light Novel Thursday it just didn’t flow well off the tongue and was somewhat clunky. Now you may say, Michael this has even more letters in it! This is true, and so from now on the column will be simply titled TNT: [Insert Column Subject Name Here]. This is because I’ve got to format it in such a way that it’ll work on two different websites and it’ll be easier in the future to just use TNT instead of Translation Necessary Thursday. As for why it took so long to come up with this name, it’s because I had to take the above into account and I wanted it to be meaningful in multiple ways. Coming up with a good name is hard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

What about the column’s content?: Nothing’s changing except the name and it won’t be retroactively changed unless I get really bored in the future and decide to change all the past column’s names. The likelyhood of that is very low though as I’m pretty busy right now.

What’s up with that artwork above?: It’s a little teaser for next week’s first real TNT post! Look forward to it.

Light Novel Thursday is dead. Long live Translation Necessary Thursday!

See you all next week!

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