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Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m going to voice my thoughts on the new venture by Qidian. It’s all about Qidian International!

Qidian International?: Yes, the Chinese Web Novel publishing website launched an English Website with a bunch of their novels free to read. It’s pretty amazing and is a huge benefit to the community, although there are some problems.

Problems?: Well for one some of the translators aren’t keeping to their posted schedules, which is disappointing, but doubly so since it’s now on an official website by the Chinese Publisher. Also the website itself has some major flaws in my opinion. While you can log in, and currently this feature is behind an invitation code that is randomly being given out. and track what chapter you were on, the chapters themselves are all on an infinite (read: a single page that gets longer as you scroll down) page. Each chapter isn’t in their own distinct and separate page, which is a major disservice to everyone.

Why is it a disservice?: Well if you are like me and read on an older tablet or phone, you probably experience your browser app crashing every once in a while. Sure the Log In and Track feature is nice, but for those of us who don’t want the hassle of keeping logged in when the browser app might crash and automatically log you back out, it’s a pain in the butt. Frankly I’d love to continue reading the series that moved to Qidian International, but until they implement a single page for each chapter with links to previous and next chapters at the bottom and top of the page, I’ll have to avoid using the website. ¬†Hopefully this happens soon. If you are like me and want this feature please send them a suggestion to their email¬†!

That’s it for this Translation Necessary Thursday!

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