TNT: Peerless Martial God Chapters 41-80 by Jing Wu Hen

Michael Blaker
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This week I’m covering a second set of chapters in one what’s quickly growing to become a favorite series of mine for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday! It’s Peerless Martial God Chapters 41-80 by Jing Wu Hen!

Plot Synopsis: Lin Feng was wrongly accused by a young woman whom he was trying to save while in College and was sentenced to jail. Deciding to take his own life and that of his wrongful accusers he didn’t expect to wake up in the body of another Lin Feng in a totally different reality. This Lin Feng was treated as trash due to his Spirit being “useless”, and was beaten to death. Having decided to restart his life and never be taken advantage of again, Lin Feng discovered he didn’t just have one Spirit, but two a talent so rare that it is almost never seen in his country. After Lin Feng and his father are thrown out of their clan’s home by Lin Feng’s treacherous Second Uncle, Lin Feng decides to take some small revenge by staying in the city and ruining the annual gathering of the young Cultivators of the city.

Plot: The plot after the first 40 chapters quickly get’s rather intense and through this entire set of chapters it doesn’t really abate. Which is awesome, because getting to experience Lin Feng pissed off at people for their arrogance is always entertaining.

Characters: We get introduced to a few more characters, Po Jun and some others, but the real star of the show is Lin Feng. That isn’t to say the other characters are poorly written characters, they aren’t and you’ll never know when you’ll see one pop up in the future, but Lin Feng is just too much of a snarky bad ass.

Overall: If you haven’t started reading this series, I really suggest you do, because it’s quite good.

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