TNT: Heartwarming Dungeon Volume 01 by Ryuryu

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday with a new Light Novel series. It’s Heartwarming Dungeon Volume 01 by Ryuryu!

Plot: The plot is pretty light hearted and reminds me a bit of Lazy Dungeon Master. That being said the main character isn’t nearly as lazy and unmotivated as Keima ever is, and is actually a hard worker. Mostly this is a very light hearted story, as is evidenced by it’s title. The full thing is “I Became the Demon Lord so I Created a Dungeon and Spend Heartwarming Time There with Non-Human Girls” or Maou ni Natta node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono Suru in Japanese. Personally I thought my contraction suited it best, but others may find otherwise.

Characters: Yuki is our main character and he’s a pretty likeable person. The main heroine is Lefi, as for what she is I’ll leave that to you to find out. The rest of the cast is pretty great as well.

Overall: This is a solid beginning to a series, I’ll have to read more of it before giving it a definitive judgement, but so far this is much better than some of the more recent stuff I’ve read.

For those who like: Fantasy, Isekai, Tensei, Lighter Stories, Great Plot, Excellent Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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