TNT: Emperor’s Domination Chapters 41-80 by Yan Bi Xiao Sheng

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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m doing the second set of chapters for my favorite story about a kid who uses a stick to beat people up. It’s Emperor’s Domination Chapters 41-80 by Yan Bi Xiao Sheng!

Plot Synopsis: :Li Qiye was trapped for millions of years by demonic practitioners in the form of The Dark Crow. After breaking free of their control, but not the form, he decided to plan for the future by training many peerless geniuses among them the most famous Immortal Emperor, Min Ren. While he was doing so he founded, through Min Ren, a sect of martial artists that would later be the place he chose to train when and if he ever became free. That sect was the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and he left in their library many books and secret manuals that would allow him to train his original body to the peak of perfection, even if he was just an ordinary mortal before.

Over a million years passed and Li Qiye was finally freed from the form of The Dark Crow. He was saved by an old man, San Guiye a man with a very important item that allowed Li Qiye to enter the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect as their Prime Disciple a position that would make him the Sect Leader’s personal student and place him above all other’s except him in terms of authority. He found two weapons that he decided to use once more after leaving them at the sect in the past. The Serpent Punishing Stick, a stick that he once used to discipline Min Ren and his followers while he trained them, and the Invisible Dual Blades from a statue of himself in the form of The Dark Crow. The Dual Blades were used by Min Ren and were his favored weapons before becoming an Immortal Emperor. He also went to the library and quickly retrieved many scrolls that were the hidden manuals he had left for himself in the past. He used these to forge his body and soul in order to overcome his limitations.

Later after taking in a group of students to lecture them in the Dao, and then ruthlessly beating them with the stick repeatedly for days, he was informed that the Nine Demon Saint Gate, a sect he also helped to found in the past, had an agreement to let their Prime Descendant marry the Cleansing Incense Sect’s Prime Disciple if and when both positions were filled. His fiancé was Li Shuangyan a peerless beauty and expert swordswoman. He traveled to the Nine Demon Saint Gate in order to formalize the position and to re-activate four statues that he left there. He told to Li Shuangyan’s face that he would only accept her as a sword maid and that if she didn’t want to be his fiancé to not come to the Cleansing Incense Sect in the near future, but she would forever lose her ability to gain any of the glory he was going to obtain in the future. She was not pleased, but her master the Demon Lord accepted these conditions and Li Qiye left to go back to training his students on the Dao, with a stick… A month later Li Shuangyan came to the sect in order to accept his conditions and he and a “genius” disciple of the sect awaited her at the gates…

Plot: The time it took me to write that synopsis was enough for me to write three to four articles. I really hope everyone appreciates the effort I put in writing these TNT synopses as they are the hardest parts for me to write. Now as for the plot for this next set of chapters I loved, he completely tames Li Shuangyan and thrashes his students with the stick. That’s not all, but I’ll leave the rest of the fun for you to find out.

Characters: We get introduced to a few more side characters, but they are overshadowed by Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan’s awesomeness. Also the stick returns to do some more beatings. Did I mention I really like that stick?

Overall: An excellent set of chapters. If you aren’t laughing to the point of tears, I pity you for lacking a sense of humor.

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