TNT: Divine Throne Chapters 81-120 by Tang Jia San Shao

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the third set of chapters for Long Haochen’s journey! It’s Divine Throne Chapters 81-120 by Tang Jia San Shao!

Plot Synopsis: Having arrived at the Temple Alliance Headquarters, Long Haochen entered the Demon Hunt Squad Competition in order to grow stronger in his path to protect those who he loves. He arrived with his sworn sister Li Xin and a few others from Hao Yue city where he trained after his parents left him. He enters the tournament and encounters a mysterious blind girl with purple hair…

Plot: This is the first set of chapters to really give us a good look at how Long Haochen compares to the rest of the Temple Alliance’s youth. It also really gives us a chance to see Haochen and Cai’er interact. I won’t spoil anything by continuing, but there is a reason why I love TJSS’s works and that is the way he handles relationships.

Characters: Like I said above we get to really meet Cai’er in these chapters, although she showed up at the end of the last set. She’s probably my favorite character and I really enjoy her despite being handicapped.

Overall: An excellent set of chapters, this set showcases the best of what Divine Throne has to offer.

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