Synth Saturday: Taylor Varga Chapters 61-70 by mpπplayer

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with more of one of my favorite Fics for this week’s Synth Saturday. It’s Taylor Varga Chapters 51-60 by Mpii!

Plot: This set of chapters most definitely has a bunch of action, but it starts off with the first meeting between Armsmaster, Dragon and Raptaur. This is easily one of my favorite set of chapters in the entire Fic, because it helps set up the rest of the Fic. Plus I love reading how Taylor and the Varga decide to troll the entire world of Earth Bet.

Characters: Again this doesn’t really contain any new characters for this set of chapters, merely certain characters meeting each other for the first time.

Overall: Definitely a great set of chapters. Like I said last time, you ought to be reading this Fic if you’re at all familiar with the Worm setting. Even if you aren’t you might want to look up a summary of the main plotlines in it just to read this Fic.


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