Synth Saturday: Taylor Varga Chapters 31-40 by mpπplayer

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with more lizardy shenanigans for this week’s Synth Saturday. It’s Taylor Varga Chapters 31-40 by mpπplayer!

Plot: This set of chapters starts off with one of the infamous PHO interludes, which are generally hilarious or highly entertaining since they capture the general feel of the internet. Still mpπplayer does a great job of it and the rest of the chapters in this set are just as great. Honestly this is one of my favorite sets of chapters in this Fic, but then again this might just be my favorite Fan Fic ever, and that’s not just because it has over 1.9 Million words in the main story.

Characters: We get introduced to another of Taylor’s forms in this chapter, and get to see her impact of testing out some of Varga’s techniques.

Overall: A very fun set of chapters, this continues to entertain, and I highly recommend checking out this Fic.


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