Shoujo Saturday: Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie by Yamahana Noriyuki

Michael Blaker
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This week for Shoujo Saturday I’m covering a series I read a couple years ago and kept meaning to cover, but remembered until after I had published a column. It’s Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie, or The Small Orange Roofed Home in English, by Yamahana Noriyuki.

Plot Synopsis: A man comes home one day to have his wife give him divorce papers. A woman comes home to her apartment one day to find a woman she doesn’t know wrapped in a towel coming out of the shower. They both get conned by the same real estate conman on the same house, a 4LDK. So now the man, his two sons, the woman, and her two daughters live in the same house.

Plot: The plot is pretty great, and while it’s got some serious moments, it’s pretty much about the man and woman falling in love with each other over the course of the series and their families coming to love one another. Is it cliched? Probably, but that doesn’t mean that this series is bad. This is one of my favorite feel good series I’ve ever read, and is easily a must read.

Characters: Shou and Natchi are amazing leads and their kids are adorable. The rest of the cast is great, and even though this is a rather short series, it’s still got one of the more well rounded casts I’ve ever read.

Art: The art is very simple, but still manages to be excellent enough to be published by Shueisha of Shonen Jump fame.

Overall: This is well worth your time to read, as it’s one of the best series I’ve read.

For those who like: Romance, Slice of Life, Excellent Plot, Drama, Fantastic Artwork, Great Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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