Sensate Saturday: The Prince in His Dark Days by Yamanaka Hito

Michael Blaker
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This week for Sensate Saturday I’ve got another Quick Review! It’s The Prince in His Dark Days by Yamanaka Hito!

Plot Synopsis: Atsuko is a young high-school girl who leads a troublesome life. Working a scandalous job for the sake of survival, her reputation is in tatters and she is scorned by her peers. But one day she is noticed by one of three rich boys, Itaru, which she resembles in an uncanny way. Immediately she finds herself whisked away from her everyday life…

Plot: The plot is okay, it’s not super original mind, but it’s pretty decent. I’ve read much better, but I’ve also read much worse.

Characters: Atsuko is a pretty gloomy girl with almost no self-esteem whatsoever. Granted that anyone is bound to be that way with a father like hers, but still it’s very stereotypical. Itaru on the other hand seems to be a decent sort, although he has no idea of social norms. The rest of the cast is decent, but again full of stereotypes.

Art: The art is okay, but nothing special either.

Overall: This is a decent Shoujo Manga, but there are much better options out there.

For those who like: Drama, Slice of Life, School Life.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or lots of stereotypes.

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