Sensate Saturday: Another wild name change appears!

Michael Blaker
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Hi everyone, as long time readers may remember way back in Feburary I was planning on renaming a few of my columns to better match the content I was actually covering. Well introducing Sensate Saturday! It’s going to cover all of what I previously covered with Shoujo Saturdays, which was romance series, but this time I’m going to continue and go into pretty much any super deep and emotional series I watch or read.

Why the name Sensate Saturday?: Well for the longest time I really wanted to keep the alliteration of the double S for the column title and I was trying to come up with a word that would suit the column and my plans for it. That’s what took me so long, and why I kept stalling as I really didn’t want to go for the obvious, but terrible, choice of Sexy Saturday.

What does Sensate mean?: It’s definition is “perceiving or perceived by the senses” or as I’m using it here feelings, whether it be terror or love. It comes from the late latin word sensatus which meant “having sense” and the english word sense.

What’s up with the image above?: Oh that’s the teaser for next week’s series.

Shoujo Saturday is Dead! Long live Sensate Saturday!

That’s it for the this week, see you all next time!

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