Raise Prices and Retire Rich in ‘Epipen Tycoon’

Meg Stivison
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In Epipen Tycoon, you play as a pharma CEO who’s struggling to turn lifesaving medical technology into personal millions.


This game is basically a clicker, which makes it extra clear that you’re playing as the invisible hand of the free market, raising prices just as much as the market will bear. Click to raise or lower the price of epipens, but if you fall before what consumers are willing to pay to stay alive and keep their kids alive, you’re ousted from your CEO job, with a severance package of just a couple million dollars.

So, unless you want to be unemployed with just a couple million in the bank, you’ll click to increase the price of epipens, quickly enough that your salary keeps increasing but not so quickly that customer outrage rises to dangerous levels. If it gets too high, you can use one of the random items you receive, like a 2% discount, a chance to blame Obama, or a phonecall to senator dad to reduce patient outrage.

epipen-tycoon-screenshotObviously, the ideal strategy is to keep outrage at a gentle yellow level, so your salary is climbing, and people are just unhappy about the price of healthcare, but not actually protesting your company. Sometimes, sure, some people drop dead in front of your offices, but free market, baby!

Epipen Tycoon is about five minutes of generic clicker gameplay, but at the same time, it’s  incredibly creepy to play as the invisible hand of the free market affecting healthcare.

Epipen Tycoon is a new browser game from The GOP Arcade, the same people who made the Thoughts and Prayers game.


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