Movie Monday: Rush Hour 3

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with another entry in a Jackie Chan series for this week’s Movie Monday. It’s Rush Hour 3!

Plot: The plot is mediocre, but frankly it’s a lot weaker than the previous two entries in this series. Actually the script is horrible.

Casting: With Tucker and Chan being our main stars I expected better out of this when I first watched it. Looking back Rush Hour 3 was just not great, and even Jackie Chan couldn’t salvage it.

Cinematography: The sole decent part of this dumpster fire is the cinematography, but alas it’s not enough to save this film.

Music: Absolutely forgettable and not at all memorable. I mean that literally as I can recall the plot, admittedly fairly hazily, but I can’t remember the sound track.

Overall: Really honestly don’t watch this movie. Just keep the previous two as the series in total and ignore this one exists at all.

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