Michael Blaker’s Video Game Tuesday: Favorite Movement Systems

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with a question for you to answer regarding a key part of any game for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. It’s all about my favorite movement systems in video games.

Favorite Movement Systems?: Are there any games that really stand out to you with incredible movement systems that are just so great that you never really get tired of just moving around in them?

What are some of yours?: A couple of recent ones come to mind for me. One is Spiderman (2018) which was a real treat and absolutely had an amazing movement system that let the player really feel like Spiderman. The other game which is very recent is Forspoken, and it has an incredible movement system that is the best parkouring system I’ve ever used. Nothing comes close and I sincerely hope other developers pay attention to how Forspoken’s movement system worked seamlessly with its combat and flowed perfectly across the game’s world.

So, what are some of your favorite movement systems? Repeats are allowed though try to find something new if possible. Leave your answers in the comments down below.

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