Michael Blaker’s Translation Necessary Thursday: “Iseleve Volume 01” by Miku

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with a new series for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday. It’s “Iseleve Volume 01” by Miku.

Plot: The plot of this first volume in the series is pretty standard to start with. The main character Yuuya is bullied to an extreme but tries to live up to his grandfather’s words of being kind no matter how hard things get because it’ll be paid back eventually, which is where the series starts really. Yuuya returns home after being bullied and is finally fed up with the state of his life and punches his bathroom mirror. But doing so opened a strange hidden door in his bathroom that held all sorts of weird items.

One in particular called out to him, the strange door. And that’s how Yuuya finds himself in another world, but he does retain the ability to go back home at any time through said door. It’s not the greatest plot, it’s fairly standard really, but that little twist of returning to Earth when he wishes it lets Yuuya’s story stand out just a bit from all the other Isekai series out there. For those expecting it to follow the anime adaptation’s plot, it’s not actually the case. It’s mostly the same in general but some details and events do get switched around quite a bit.

Characters: I couldn’t help but enjoy Yuuya as a main character even if he is fairly clueless about some things, but there is a pretty good reason for it in that he’s not had many positive experiences with people in the past. I actually enjoyed the character of Yuuya even if he’s ridiculously overpowered once he goes to the other world. The rest of the characters are rather endearing, well except the villains who are very much some of those characters that are just fun to hate on.

Overall: A fun but not extraordinary Isekai series, it does have its own qualities and Yuuya being the kind of character he is, is just refreshing somehow.

For those who like: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Isekai, Good Plot, and Interesting Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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