Michael Blaker’s Synth Saturday: Chapters 36-40 of “Hard Enough-Pokemon SI” by Viva01

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back for this week’s Synth Saturday with the seventh set of chapters that centers on someone who is reincarnated as Brock from the Pokemon anime and games, who is left in charge of 9 younger siblings in addition to running the Pewter City Gym. It’s Chapters 36-40 of “Hard Enough-Pokemon SI” by Viva01.

Plot: This set of chapters details the events that occur after Professors Oak and Elm come to visit the Pewter City Gym, which was a lot of fun and showcased a side of Professor Oak that I can see being totally canon because of his lightheartedness most of the time. That isn’t to say that’s all that happens, but there are some big things occurring in the background as well, with certain offers given to Brock that were foreshadowed back in the previous set of chapters.

Characters: Besides Professors Oak and Elm in this set of chapters, there’s also other characters including a powerful trainer named Agatha and her apprentice Karen. Still Brock is the main character, and he’s an excellent one at that.

Overall: A very solid set of chapters.

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