Michael Blaker’s Synth Saturday: Chapters 11-15 of “As N Approaches Infinity” by Corisanna

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with this week’s Synth Saturday with more chapters detailing the adventures of Homura and the Kurosaki twins in a Fic that is a fusion between the Bleach and Madoka Magica settings. It’s Chapters 11-15 of “As N Approaches Infinity” by Corisanna.

Plot: This set of chapters continues with the X+N timeline, specifically starting off with how the Kurosaki twins actually contracted with Kyubey and why. This set of chapters is not the happiest, but it’s got enough light moments to make up for it.

Characters: We do get to meet some new faces, with Kisuke and Yoruichi being some of the standouts. Kisuke being Kisuke, he’s a canny son of a gun, and it’s interesting to see him verbally spar with Homura. Still, I think Homura was the real star of this set, but that’s pretty normal given how she’s the one constant thus far in the Fic, and I mean that literally.

Overall: A very solid third set of chapters that shows off one of the more interesting pieces of the background in this Fic.

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