Michael Blaker’s Retro Game Friday: Sonic Advance 2

Michael Blaker
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cover_artHey all, I’m back with another old favorite of mine for this week’s Retro Game Friday. It’s Sonic Advance 2.

Plot: It’s a pretty typical Sonic game in terms of story, and this also has the Sonic series debut of a character named Cream the Rabbit.

Gameplay: It’s a Sonic game, and that’s pretty much all that needs to be said. That said, each of the characters has a unique ability. For example, Sonic’s ability is to become very temporarily invincible. It’s definitely much more like the original Genesis Sonic games that were and still are considered masterpieces than the more modern 3D Sonics like Adventures and Heroes.

Art: The art has aged pretty well, but considering this is mostly just a 2D game that isn’t too surprising.

Music: This has pretty classic Sonic music. Not the best of the series, but still very recognizable.

Overall: A very fun title and easily one of the better entries in the series.

For those who like: Sonic games, 2D Platforming, and Speed.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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