Michael Blaker’s Retro Game Friday: Mega Man Battle Network 6

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with the sixth and final entry in a series I really enjoyed back in the day for this week’s Retro Game Friday. It’s Mega Man Battle Network 6.

Plot: The plot is pretty solid for a Mega Man game. It involves Dr. Wily and the evil organization WWW (World Three) returning to the series to wreak havoc and cause mayhem. So, it’s once again up to Lan and Mega Man to save the day. I enjoyed this entry, but the fact it was the last entry was always a bummer to me when I was younger.

Gameplay: This plays a lot like any other Battle Network though there are new additions, like the Cross System that replaces the Double Soul system, with the transformation being indefinite throughout the battle so long as you don’t get hit by the form’s elemental weakness. Also new is the Beast Out system which lets Mega Man transform into a beast, the form of which depends on the version played. Beast Out is used to increase attack power although this form is limited to 3 turns and if used again it’ll cause Mega Man to become uncontrollable for a turn before locking him out of any Cross Souls or Full-Synchro transformations for the rest of the battle and causing him to rapidly lose HP. The battle folder system also gets a bit of a rework, with chips being limited by the MB each one now costs in addition to the chip type, though you gain the ability to link two chips together, which when one appears will cause the other to also appear.

Art: The art isn’t much different from previous entries, which isn’t surprising given this was still on the GameBoy Advance.

Music: The music isn’t particularly memorable.

Overall: A fun entry though a very time consuming one.

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